Small Double Bed – Divan

If you are looking for a small double bed (usually 4ft 6in rather than 5ft) there are a number of choices. The Harper Faux Leather Ottoman small double bed has four times the amount of storage of standard divans. The bed frame has the special feature of lift up & hide for items you want to store out of sight with smooth drop down motion for an excellent & simple storage option.

The Harper Faux Leather Ottoman Bed is the best storage solution for your bedroom finished with an choice of two colour faux leathers: Black or Brown. For a superb tidy storage solution with the modern look that will perfectly suit your bedroom choose the Harper Faux Leather Ottoman Bed available only from KDBeds at the lowest price.

The Hyder Bali ottoman bed is one of our best sellers.

The Bali again has a smooth lifting action that permits access to the storage area under the frame. The modern low footend & sloping headboard makes this bed a must have for any modern or contemporary bedroom. The Bali has 4 times as much storage as a normal divan draw set.

The Cumfilux Nirvana is one of the most popular Divan Beds.

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With 13g Bonnell Spring Unit a Luxury Mattress lots of support Cotton Fillings & Quilted Damask this is a high spec bed at competitive prices. Lots of timber is used within the manufacture of Cumfilux beds. They are lovingly built & upholstered by craftsmen traditionally. There is a superb base unit with 2 drawers inside the base manufactured to the highest quality standards.

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